Hello world!

Recently I have been getting back into messing around with things, and this time I thought I would try and create a work-log of sorts. Some of the things I have worked with recently:

  • Installing OpenELEC, a stripped Linux distribution running XBMC Kodi and tvheadend among other PVR backends, with multicast DVB-C stripped aac/mp3 audio
  • Configuring a Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite 3 with EdgeMAX 1.6.0 with ipv6 tunnelling and bridging plus bi-directional QoS
  • Configuring a dual access-point wireless network based on Ubiquity Unifi AP with zero-handoff and 11ms delay on VoIP
  • Testing FreeBSD 11-CURRENT on Raspberry Pi Model B with 512MB memory
  • Setting up LibreNMS for full monitoring on all SNMP and IPMI devices
  • Studying CCNP ROUTE and TSHOOT on GNS3

Here are some things I’m interested in and might cover in the future:

  • Replacing EdgeMAX 1.6.0 on Ubiquity EdgeRouter Lite 3 with FreeBSD 10
  • Moving my FreeBSD server, ZFS fileserver, OpenELEC mediacenter and Synology backup solution into one device with SpiderOak backup
  • Running ESXi with appliance OS’ for the above, preferably on a SuperMicro mini-ITX motherboard – once they release a sensible one
  • Finishing a D.I.Y Whole House Audio setup with multiple rooms and zones based on PoE-powered RPi and speakers speakers and MPD+PulseAudio for delay smmothing to allow smooth room-transition

All of, some of, none of, or completely unrelated, things may appear on this blog in the future. I also post about food, because I like both making and eating it. Stay tuned!